'Chasing Awe' Painting the Wild and Stunning South Island

March 20, 2022 2 min read

The Water's Lovely
The Water's Lovely - Lake Tekapo

Winding up through impossibly steep mountain passes, my eye catches glimpses of bright turquoise rivers. These waters are fed by ancient glaciers carving steep valleys on either side.

A few minutes later I’m immersed in lush, green, moss covered forests - then a lake so calm and pristine it silently mirrors the colossal mountains behind it.

Here, it’s impossible not to be constantly overcome with awe.

And Here We Are
And Here We Are - Mirror Lakes, Fiordland

This series captures my trip around the South Island of New Zealand. A place with
a plethora of diverse landscapes - a breathtaking new vista around every corner.
It’s a jewel in the crown of this incredible planet, in a country I call home.

A Life So Bright

A Life So Bright - Lake Pukaki and Aoraki/Mt Cook

Where the Light Touches

Where the Light Touches

Back in my studio, I found that I was leaning into a more natural style, one that pays respect to the wild energy of the landscapes and the soft beauty of its natural curves. Sheer white layers - like light, textural washes and strong lines catching the movement of the native vegetation, a palette grounded in the earth with splashes of my signature playfulness.

Finding Light and Each and Every Step

Finding Light (Milford Sound) and Each and Every Step (Aoraki/Mt Cook)

One Fine Day

One Fine Day - Bowen Falls at Milford Sound

Chasing Awe is the truest expression of my creative soul so far. It feels like an extension of myself, bursting with joy – each artwork is ready to light up every home it meets.


Dreaming High

Dreaming High - Queenstown

Our Soaring Hearts

Our Soaring Hearts - Pop's View Lookout, Fiordland

All artworks are also available as limited edition prints in a variety of sizes - on canvas and paper. Only 20 in each size (once they are sold no more will be printed).

Download the Digital Catalogue Here:

Thank you to Samantha Donaldson (photographer) and Sam van Kan (stylist)