'Float' is here - dive into good times!

November 23, 2023 1 min read

Dive into a world where each piece is a splash of fun, a dash of sass, and a whole lot of chill. From the vibrant hues that scream Bali sunsets to the playful strokes that dance like light on water, “Float” is designed to take you on a journey through tranquil waters and cloudless skies.

Star Swims

Nudie Dips


I Dreamed We Were Mermaids
Chilli Margs

Happy Hour

So, grab your favourite drink, find that perfect spot in the sun, and let’s float away together. This collection is for the dreamers, the adventurers, and everyone who believes in the magic of a summer that never ends. And remember, the best part of the journey is who you share it with. Join us, and let’s float!

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