Jen's New Series 'Abode' Celebrates Beautiful Old Buildings in a Tropical Setting

February 19, 2023 1 min read

'Abode' was a concept that came to me on my last trip to Rarotonga. I've painted the beaches and mountains before, but my eyes are always drawn to the old homes and buildings dotted around the island. Their distinctive style, colours and setting called to my creative muse!


A Hundred Summers

The paintings have a nostalgic feel to them, like beautifully faded photographs.

Of Tide and Time

They're painted in a looser style than usual, which is perfectly balanced by some very intricate detail, particularly around the houses.

Here, In Paradise and The Sacred Ordinary
The two pictured above have been created to work either on their own or as a pair.
How We Love
'How We Love' is slightly different to the rest - sweeter, more pastel colours, and a more simplified, graphic style of plants creates a fresh difference. This would look right at home in a bright, coastal styled home or in a (very lucky) child or teen's room.
Island Treasure
I love that these paintings, although inspired by Rarotonga, could also represent glimpses into life in many tropical settings. The lush vegetation sweeps us away into an island dream.


All artworks are also available as limited edition prints in a variety of sizes - on canvas and paper. Only 20 in each size (once they are sold no more will be printed).

Download the Digital Catalogue Here: