Can you ship art to my country?

Yes, I ship worldwide - go to the point just before you pay at checkout and you will see the price.

What is the difference between paper and canvas limited edition prints?

Paper prints are framed behind glass in a traditional frame - either with a mat board or without. (see below)


Canvas prints are stretched over a sub-frame, then framed with a shadowbox/tray frame. There is no need for  glass, so there are no reflections when viewing the art. Canvas prints look closest to the original in how they are presented. (see canvas print below). I offer framing for canvas prints in NZ and Aus.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 5.59.51 PM.png

BOTH are printed to the same incredible archival quality and are colour matched to the original. So one isn’t superior to the other - it comes down to taste. I adore the canvas prints for their ability to look almost like the original, but paper prints work well if you prefer a traditional framed look. (please note that the listing for the print does not include framing - see below if you would like your canvas print framed,I don't offer framing for paper limited edition prints, it's best to take it to your local framer)

What is the difference between open edition and limited edition prints?

My limited edition prints are printed on the highest quality paper or canvas. I only print 20 in each size and they come with a signed certificate of authenticity. They come in canvas or paper. As they are limited they are more valuable. Most of my new work goes into limited editions.

My open edition prints are a bit easier on the budget and come in standard A sizes (A3, A2 etc) so can be easier to frame with store bought frames. They are printed on a slightly different paper, but still in the same archival quality and beautiful colours. Open editions are available indefinitely, no matter how many I sell

Do you offer framing?

I offer framing in NZ and Australia for canvas prints - so they arrive ready to hang! You’ll see listings for NZ and Australia, all you need to do add your print to cart then select a frame at the same size as the print you’re ordering, add it to cart, and I’ll take care of the rest.

I also offer framing for my open edition prints in NZ only. 

If you’re out of these areas, or after some framing advice, I’m happy to make some suggestions for you.


How long will my print order take?

Each print is made to order - when you place the order online, I contact my printer and ask them to create it. Therefore, it takes up to 10 days for an unframed print to be made - depending on the workflow at the printers. Orders placed over sale periods take a lot longer - please be patient with these, they’re worth the wait. Framing takes a bit longer - add another two weeks for this (again, longer over sale period).

Where is my order shipped from?

Originals are all shipped from my home in Auckland, NZ. If you order a print and you're based in Australia, it is printed in  and shipped from Victoria (and framed in Victoria if you order a frame). Prints for NZ or anywhere else in the world are printed in and shipped from NZ.

Will the colours look the same as on the website?

All of my colours are carefully managed to match the files I use on my website. That said, different screens are sometimes configured to display slightly different colours, so there might be some variation based on your screen configuration.

Do you do custom print sizes?

I do, depending on the file specific to the print you like, and if it can be increased to the size that you’re looking for. Contact me and we can chat.

I love an original, but would like to see it up close before I buy it - is this possible?

If you’re around Auckland (I’m based in Swanson), you’re welcome to make an appointment to visit my studio and see it up close. All of my originals are held here in my studio. I love meeting people, and you’ll love it up here. If you’re based elsewhere (or just not in the mood for Auckland traffic) I can also do a Facetime consult - you can show me the room it will go in, I can show you close up video of the artwork. Very high tech.

I can’t picture what the artwork would look like in my room - please help!

For a short while I tried an add-on to my website that let people preview artwork in their space,  but I wasn’t 100% happy with how it worked on my site. So what you can do is use a similar app on your phone or laptop. Artplacer has an app that you can try. Wallap is another. You can use these to upload a pic of your room, then add one of my prints to it to see how it looks - fun!

If you’re really stuck and serious about buying (make sure you’ve looked at prices + framing first) you can also send me a few pics of the space, and I can do one or two mock ups for you in Photoshop.

Do you offer wholesale or trade prices?
I do. Please visit this page to apply for a wholesale or trade account.

Anything else?

I’m sure I’ve missed something important. If so, please contact me and ask away. I love a good chat.