Would you like a commissioned artwork?

Commissions are by far the most fun way to buy art. Having an artwork designed specifically for you and your space is the ultimate way to spoil yourself (or a loved one… so hint to your loved ones!). I’ve worked out a super fun process to navigate the creative brief, and to make sure you’re getting the best of me, while I create something special for you.

These kind words from Claire Alexander-Johnston (Jetsetmama).
“My FAVOURITE PIECE!!! It’s pride of place in our lounge room and we’re all the happiest about it. 🤩 Thank you thank you thank you.”

How does it work?

It’s super easy, here is is step by step:

  1. Take a look at my website or instagram feed and find a piece, or a few pieces that you love. Please note, that I’m currently only taking commissions for landscapes.

  2. Email me here and let me know you’re interested in a commission, send pics of the pieces you love in the email. You can also include pics of your space, maybe a piece of furniture that you’d like to tie the colours to and if you know the approximate size, then include that too. (If you’re not sure of any of these details yet, that’s ok, we can work them out together).

  3. I’ll reply with any more questions, as well as a price list, and a brief for you to fill in and sign.

  4. Once we’ve decided on a size/price and signed the brief, I’ll invoice for a 25% deposit, then the fun starts!

  5. Our first step is to pick one of my previous paintings for colour reference, and if necessary another for style.

  6. We find reference photos of the desired landscape. Getting the right reference is super important. Scenes with hills/mountains/headlands work well - particularly with a few of them. I can guide you on which images will work and which wont - just send some to me and we can take it from there. I’m happy to do the online searching if you tell me the name of the place. Please understand that some scenes don't work in my style.

  7. Once we’ve decided on a scene, I draw over it in photoshop to map out some basic colours and shapes in a sketch for you to approve.

  8. I start painting, and if it gets to a point where I think the painting could benefit from something slightly different to our plan, I’ll run any ideas past you first.

  9. I then finish up and make sure there are no little things bugging you that you’d like to change.
    Once the painting is finished, the remainder of the invoice is paid and I package it to send to you. If you’re in Auckland I can deliver it to your home for free. If you’re not, we will decide the best way to ship before we start the process. Bigger works are more economical shipped off their stretchers and rolled in a tube if they’re being sent overseas or across the country. They can then be re-stretched by your local framers. More info about all of this on the price list I will send to you.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost much more than buying an existing painting. I add on a little more to make up for the time it takes to work on a brief and liaise with you - usually only a few hundred dollars extra. I can send you a price list if you’re interested.

My starting price for a commission is $2400 - for a 90x90cm canvas painting.

1.2mx1.2m Landscapes on canvas are around the $2850 mark. Bigger sizes cost more (eg 2mx1.5m could cost around $4800). Keep in mind that custom canvas sizes will cost extra as they are expertly hand stretched.

We can chat exact prices once I know the scope of the job. 


How long does it take?

It depends on how much work I have on in my studio at the time. If you have a specific date you’re working to, contact me as early as you can to make sure we reach it. Timing for the initial brief, sketches, colours etc vary from client to client - but if you’re quick on approvals we can get it all done in a week. The actual painting takes around 2 weeks. If you require framing allow 3 weeks for that. 

So if I have a clear space in my studio the process could take 2 to 6 weeks - depending on if you need framing or not.

I would like to gift a commission to my favourite person, how does that work?

If you would like the person receiving the gift to be involved in the creative process we can decide on a price range before the time. Then when you pay your deposit I will create a hand painted ‘Commission voucher’ for them to unwrap as a gift. They can then liaise directly with me to create the artwork.

I know nothing about colours and don’t know how to speak ‘art’ - will this process be confusing?

Not at all. I will guide you through it, and make sure it’s all really fun.


Here’s a message from Brooke Norris (Norris Nuts), who ended up getting six commissioned artworks from me in 2019. (After initially only wanting two)
“My obsession with Jen’s artwork started with 2 commissioned pieces and ended at 6. Did I just say ended - I’m just getting started! The entire commission process ie communication, concepts, ideas and dealing with Jen could not have been more delightful. I am so happy with how all 6 artworks turned out and could not imagine our house without them hanging proudly on our walls.”